Five Guardians are guardians of 5 religions: Fire, Water, Light, Dark and Earth. Each has specific elemental abilities, such as strength, speed, intellect, regeneration and energy.



While the world was in war, few monks decided to make 5 villages, each containing specific element. Those monks gathered information around the world and kidnapped young kids to train them and become ninjas. As time passed, monks developed their skills and created 5 guardians: Firefox (Fire), Great Ape Jimen (Earth), Light Emperor Bolt (Light), Mystical Aura Qua (Water) and Shadow Dragon (Dark). They stopped the war with those creatures and people joined to the monks and built up civilization as it was, or even better. Those guardians were sealed and villages became much larger.




Firefox angry

 Firefox is fox with abilities of fire and very great intellectual abilities. It protects countries of Fire religion and it's residents.


Firefox looks like fox, obviously and she's fire-like colored because she's filled with fire. Firefox has 6 tails that can eject fire trough the top of them. Claws are also filled with fire that is also a acid.


Firefox is very kind guardian and she wants to keep peace between all people around the world. Because of her intellect, Firefox can talk very clear and everyone can understand her point. Sometimes she can be angered easily, but she can get calm.


  • Fire Control - Firefox can control fire very easy and create massive and strong techniques.


Note:It's compared with the strongest of guardians in the specific area.

Strength 3 out of 5

Intellect 5 out of 5

Speed 4 out of 5

Durability 2 out of 5

Energy 3 out of 5


  • Her name's from internet explorer named Mozila Firefox.
  • Firefox' appearance resembles to Nine Tails from Naruto.

Mystical Aura QuaEdit


Mystical Aura Qua, The Water Dragon.

Mystical Aura Qua is the Guardian of the religion of water and it's residents. She also protects the countries of Water and Ice.


Her appearance resembles to fish-like, since she lives in water, of course. Mystical Aura Qua has large fins that look like wings and help her swim better and faster. Her tail is very large.