This is the first episode of Dragon Ninja. In this episode are basics explained.


5 elements

All Elements (Dark one cannot be seen)

Narrator explains powers of ninjas, like "Ninjas are invisible, as dark. Ninjas are easy, as light. Ninjas are hard, as earth. Ninjas are healing fast, as water.". It's shown ninjas have traits given by nature itself and they earn it by their training and meditation. 

Next, a scene with ninjas training, young ninjas. Those are from Dark Religion, specifically Shadow Dragon Clan. Shinkage punches training doll rapidly and Sha incomes to him and says:"You will be a great ninja, just keep it up.". Suddently, explosion happens and it looks like some masked ninjas made it. There were few ninjas, about 5. They started attacking kids, but they couldn't defend themselves. Somehow, Shinkage managed to defeat one of them by using Dark Pressure, a simple technique that makes pressure on target's body and kills it.

The rest of ninjas were defeated by Sha. "Congratulations!" said Sha "You are now Rank 2 ninja, since you defeated Rank 3 ninja." Then journey begins...